Fitness and Staying Motivated to Workout

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Have you ever started a fitness program only to quit a few days or weeks later? If you answer yes, you’re not alone. I can count myself as one of those people who start and stop and start again. Every time is like turning over a new leaf. I’m motivated, then I’m not, then I try to put on a pair of tight pants and I’m motivated again. You get the picture.

I have some mental baggage that comes with exercising.

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Change is Good

I recently started working out with a trainer at my local gym. I got to the point where something needed to change. My knees can’t handle the step classes that I used to take religiously. The body jam classes don’t work for me, because somewhere between the age of 26 and having two kids, I seem to have lost any rhythm I may have possessed. Plus, I don’t think Running Man or the Roger Rabbit will be back in style any time soon. Let’s not even talk about the boredom of the treadmill.

Fitness: staying motivated to workout
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So, I enlisted the help of a trainer to get me started with weights. It’s been wonderful! I feel stronger, cause ya know at my age I need to start thinking of ways to prevent bone loss, etc. I mean, if Luke Perry is on the cover of AARP, how much more of a message is that!


Fitness and Staying Motivated to Workout

One of the challenges I face while working out is that my mind often gets in the way. Basically, I sabotage myself. One of the things my trainers emphasizes is that “where your mind goes your body follows.”

 I interviewed my trainer, Wendy, as part of a 90 day video challenge I’m participating in. Every day I have to post a new video to my YouTube channel.


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