Physical Education

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You remember way back when… to elementary school… PE (i.e Physical Education) was a daily part of our childhood existence. I remember grudgingly having to participate in the Presidential Physical Fitness Challenge. Sit-ups, pull-ups, running.. it makes me want to puke just thinking about it. Where am I going with this?

Physical Education
Presidential Physical Fitness Award

My daughter attends a Blue Ribbon elementary school in our town. And not only does she have PE only once a week, but the parents had to raise money to hire a full time physical education teacher. It’s really sad and it should be no surprise why childhood obesity is such a problem in our country.

Like many parents in our community, my husband and I have tried to make up for what’s lacking in our schools by signing our daughter up for gymnastics, dance, soccer, volleyball and skiing. Of course not all at the same time, that would be insane! But over the years she has tried different sports and for the moment soccer and skiing are taking precedence.

Physical Education – PE?

Now that the soccer season is over and skiing at Mt Rose hasn’t started, we have a lull for the next few months. I can’t begin to tell you how insane it makes me to know that my child gets off the bus at 4pm, has a snack, does homework, eats dinner and goes to sleep. Where is the physical exercise? And don’t say it’s the two 15 minute recesses she get during the school day. We are active on the weekends, but it’s not enough for our energizer bunny, whose energy I wish I could bottle up and sell on Ebay – I’d be rich.

Speed School – Boot Camp For Kids

So the other night, I went out on a limb and out of my price range to sign her up for Speed School at a nearby gym. For “only” $89 per month for 12 months, because you have to sign a contract, my daughter can attend speed class after school. Think of it as boot camp for kids- no weights involved. There is a class everyday and she can attend as many as she wants. She’ll get to work on her speed, agility, strength and flexibility… all the things she should be doing during P.E.

physical education

I’d be lying if I say there’s nothing in for me as well. While she is having fun doing her thing, I will get my middle-aged, out of shape behind on the treadmill. I don’t expect Kim Kardashian results, but hey it’s a start.

Setting Goals

I remember being excited and really proud of myself when I received the Presidential Physical Fitness patch. It was not easy. Not that I want my daughter puking in class, but I’m really excited for her to set goals and feel a sense of accomplishment, rather than get the “ya we played kickball again” response when I ask her what she did during PE. What are your thoughts?

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