Weight Watchers with Momsvilleusa

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Raise your hand if you don’t want to lose a few pounds! What, nobody is raising their hands! Go figure. There is a reason why weight loss is a multi-billion dollar industry. I am proud to say, I’m an active participant.

Weight Watchers with Momsvilleusa

I lost 30 pounds on a weight loss program about 15 years ago. This time around, I don’t want to purchase pre-packaged food. I want to learn how to eat right from the get-go. So, last April, when my shorts wouldn’t button, I joined Weight Watchers. This post is the first in a series called Weight Watchers with Momsvilleusa.

I lost 3 pounds the first week and two pounds the second week.. and then it was slow going for awhile. The good news is that I was able to button my shorts in time for summer. The bad news is that after week 4, I slithered off the train. So in October, I got my caboose in gear and jumped back on the train.

Losing Motivation

Continuing with this train metaphor… I got back on the train in October. In my mind, I was purchasing a rail pass. In actuality, looking back, I really bought several one way tickets. Pre-halloween candy, Halloween the event, and post Halloween candy i.e. leftovers. Those were just a few challenges.

And then came November! Not gonna lie, the election sucked the wind from my sails and I lost all motivation. I didn’t write, I gave up on my 90 day video challenge, and I wasn’t exercising or eating the way I should. When I got back from Thanksgiving in California, I was just hoping the scale wouldn’t beat me up too bad.

Weight Watchers with Momsvilleusa

Check out this video to see what happened after Thanksgiving.

So, that is what happened my first week back.

Here’s what happened my second week back.


Looking Ahead

Weight Watchers with Momsvilleusa is a new series I’m starting. Every week, my goal is to post a new video on my YouTube channel. I’m nowhere near my goal, but I’m hoping that by vlogging and blogging about my experience, it will keep me on track and hopefully help motivate others.

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