monthly goals

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I don’t know where the month went. I feel like it was just November. I realize I’m writing this 13 days into the December, but I’ve had my monthly goals in my head, I just wasn’t able to write them down. Sometimes I just wish I had a magic wand to slow time? Here’s a recap of my goals for November and what I’m hoping to accomplish for December.

monthly goals


Monthly Goals – November Recap

  • Exercise – Continue working out with Wendy of Body by Wendy 2 times per week. Add 1-2 days of cardio per week.
  • Diet -See Weight Watchers with Momsvilleusa.
  • Christmas/Hanukkah Shopping – I got a late start, but as of this writing I’m 50% done.
  • Reading – I finished  All the Light We Cannot See and started reading  Girl on the Train. If you have any suggestions for future books, let me know!
  • Blogging – I’m going to write at least two new posts per week, in addition to participating in the 90 Day Video Challenge. This started off great, but then something happened that drained my motivation. Read about it here.

Goals for December

  • Exercise – at least 3 times per week – 2 with Wendy and 1 day skiing. We ski Sundays at Mt Rose Ski Tahoe.
  • Diet – The holidays are a rough time of year to try to lose weight. I going to try to get through December either maintaining or losing 1-2 pounds. I’d be happy with either. You can follow me weekly on YouTube
  • Reading – I want to finish Girl on the Train.
  • Start Working on a Business Plan for my Blog– I need one! This is the year I’m ready to get serious.
  • Editorial Calendar – Start planning post ideas for 2017. I’ve always just winged it. No more. Time to plan.

Do you set monthly or weekly goals? I’d love to hear about it. Leave me a comment below.



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  1. Good thing you’re writing these down. I should do that more often too, I have a mental list, but I need to make them more specific and then write them down. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Thanks Oscar. Writing down my goals is helping to keep me on track.

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