Top Affiliate Marketing Bloggers

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Why spend hundreds of hours trying to reinvent the wheel, when there are a plethora of successful affiliate marketing pros who’ve already paved the way? Not only that, but they’re also willing and wanting to share their knowledge with anyone who will listen. I met almost every person on this list at Affiliate Summit, and those I didn’t personally sit down and chat with, I heard speak at a session or a round table.

Top Affiliate Marketing Bloggers
Top Affiliate Marketing Bloggers at Affiliate Summit

All of these folks have an immense amount of experience. All of them found their success through different avenues. And, all of them continue to grow and build their businesses using the latest technology and methods.

I’m not trying to blow smoke up their arses by any means. But, I do pay attention to what these top affiliate marketing bloggers are doing and you should too.

Some of them will be speaking again at Affiliate Summit West 2017. If you plan to attend Affiliate Summit, get your passes now. Early bird pricing ends October 28th.

Top Affiliate Marketing Bloggers

Harsh and Shoutmeloud is a community of like-minded bloggers who hang out & talk about blogging on their dedicated forum for bloggers. Shoutmeloud now has close to 1 million subscribers. Harsh will be speaking on How to Growth Hack the Affiliate Earning of your Blog at Affiliate Summit

Zac I first heard Zac Johnson speak as part of the panel six figure blogging, which is now more appropriately called How to Become a Millionaire Blogger – Ask the Experts. I’ve since become a fan of his Facebook page where he not just posts his latest and greatest, but also has a group page with more real-time interaction.

Matthew Woodward – . Matthew Woodward probably has the best newsletter next to Rae Hoffman, which I’ll get to next. I actually click on pretty much every link he posts. They’re all good. You can tell he puts time into cultivating the best information out there. His newsletter gets right to the point, has useful information and case studies. Matthew responds to pretty much every comment on his blog, which is nice to know there is a real person behind his website. Matthew has been a speaker at Affiliate Summit in the past. I hope he will return again sometime in the future.

Rae Hoffman I like Sugar Rae’s spunky spirit. She’s a no bullshit, tell it like it is, rock star in a field dominated by men. I heard her speak at Affiliate Summit a few years ago, and I keep hoping she will come back to speak at another session. In the meantime, I subscribe to Sound Bites, her  weekly newsletter with tips, tricks and advice on SEO, Affiliate Marketing and promoting your blog or website.

Syed I met Syed last year at Affiliate Summit.  He is the founder of WPBeginner, the largest free WordPress resource site among other sites, including OptinMonster. Most recently Syed launched WPForms, a drag and drop WordPress form builder. Syed is part of the panel How to Become a Millionaire Blogger – Ask the Experts. You can read my interview with Syed Balki here.

John is the ring master. Always entertaining, always trying something new, always commanding an audience waiting to see what John will do next. I met John at Affiliate Summit. I’ve been following him ever since. John is also part of the panel How to Become a Millionaire Blogger – Ask the Experts. You can read my interview with John Chow here.

Adam Riemer – is probably one of the nicest and most genuine person I’ve met in the business. You can also find him on twitter @rollerblader. I met Adam very briefly at Type-A-Parent conference last year before Affiliate Summit. He sat down at our table and just shot the breeze. He is incredibly knowledgable when it comes to marketing and online marketing. I guess that’s why he is the 2016 Pinnacle Award winner for Affiliate Manager of the Year. You can hear Adam speak at Live Site Reviews – SEO & Monetization.

Tricia Meyer – and   frequently speaks and writes about monetizing blogs, affiliate and affiliate manager relationships, and the basics of affiliate marketing. Tricia serves as the Executive Director for the Performance Marketing Association. Tricia has been a finalist for the Pinnacle Award for Industry Advocate and won Affiliate of the Year in 2014. I’m looking forward to hearing Tricia speak at Affiliate Summit as part of a panel on Boost Your Marketing with Faux Holidays and Special Events.

John Rampton will be speaking at Affiliate Summit part of the panel How to Become a Millionaire Blogger – Ask the Experts. John is an entrepreneur, blogger and tech enthusiast. He is also the founder of and You can read my interview with John Rampton here.


You can see the complete Agenda for Affiliate Summit West 2017 here. Just a side note, I’m fully impressed by the number of women speakers scheduled to appear at this year’s conference.

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