Monthly Goals February 2017

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New year, new goals right? So far I’m off to a good start. January was a very busy and productive month. As I mentioned in my January traffic report, my kids were out of school for almost a month, and that was NOT intentional. I also attended Affiliate Summit West, which is the largest Affiliate Marketing conference in the world. I met up with old friends and made a lot of new connections, which I hope will help me reach some of the goals I set for 2017.  Here’s a look at those, along with my Monthly Goals for February 2017. Monthly Goals February 2017

January Recap

  1. Exercise – Failed! Although I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. The kids being out of school made any notion of having a schedule tough.
  2. Diet – I ended the month right where I started. Not great. However, I made it to my weekly Weight Watchers weigh-in. You can follow me weekly on YouTube
  3. Reading – Started reading  The Swans of Fifth Avenue: A Novel  So far it’s fantastic. Here’s brief synopsis from Amazon. NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • The author of The Aviator’s Wife returns with a triumphant new novel about New York’s “Swans” of the 1950s—and the scandalous, headline-making, and enthralling friendship between literary legend Truman Capote and peerless socialite Babe Paley.
  4. Work on a Business Plan for my Blog– I’m having some problems in this area, but I am talking with people who I consider to be Mentors. So, it’s progressing.

Monthly Goals February 2017

  1. Reading – Finish The Swans of New York
  2. Blogging – Participate in a Mastermind group that will help motivate me and keep me moving in the right direction. Also, continue participating in FB groups because that’s where I’m seeing the best traction. More visitors means more opportunity for making some money. I list my social media goals and other blogging goals on monthly post Traffic Report. Read January’s Traffic Report.
  3. Diet/Exercise – at least 3 times per week and lose 3 pounds this month. I know this does not sound like a real goal, but these days I’m having a tough time losing just a pound.
  4. Try to keep a positive attitude – There’s a lot I’m actually angry about, but I’m not going to get into politics on this site. However, I firmly believe people need to be informed, and not by left or right leaning news sites. I took my news producer hat off a long time ago, so I wouldn’t say I’m putting it back on. Rather, I’m informing and not reporting on at least one of my social media sites. I’m now following Reuters, which is the least biased news source out there since it’s international and it sells its content to the left and right. So, it’s right up the middle. I would highly encourage everyone to read Reuters.

Do you set monthly or weekly goals? I’d love to hear about it. Leave me a comment below. Cheers, Michelle

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