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You spend hours crafting your post with pictures or video, keywords and links, so why would you just hit publish and move on to the next post? You shouldn’t, at least not if you want to make money online. Promotion. Promotion. Promotion. It’s the key to everything – and it was the message of 7 figure blogging at Affiliate Summit with speakers John Chow, Syed Balkhi, John Rampton and Zac Johnson.

This popular session always fills up. Maybe that’s why it’s always on the Agenda. However, the takeaway is different every year. So don’t think just because you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard the spiel.

Make Money Online

Here’s why the blogging experts say promotion is the key to making money online.

make money online

Syed Balkhi – Founder of List 25 and WP Beginner 

“Writing is only a part of the work, promotion is key. You should make sure your post is up to date and that’s it’s the best, most comprehensive piece in your market. Once you’ve done that, you can repurpose your content. You can turn it in to a video. You can tweet snippets, etc.”

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John Rampton – Entrepreneur, online marketing guru and Blogger at

“I spend 40% of my time creating content and 60% of my time pushing it. We use a lot of social media. I always look at analytics to see what time is the best time of day to push it. For me Tuesday and Friday morning are best. You have to decide what is the best time to push your audience and them push your content.”

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Zac Johnson – Entrepreneur, Internet Marketer and Blogger at and

“When I’m not writing for my site, I’m writing for someone else’s site as a guest blogger or contributor. It’s great because I’m reaching a whole other audience and everything gets linked back to my site. One article could send thousands of people to my site.”

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How to Find Great Content

Just because you churn out a post doesn’t mean it’s promotable. No one want to read a crappy post, you need to have good, quality content. Sometimes I find it difficult to come up with content ideas and I’m not alone. So how do you find great content?

John Chow – Needs no introduction. See his youtube channel for daily videos.

” You can create new, better and more engaging content with existing content just by changing your medium.  For example you can take a series of posts and leverage them by turning them into an ebook. Once you have that product you can offer it in exchange for an email address, and you can keep adding products.”

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make money online

Zac Johnson

“Expert roundups are working really well right now. For example if you ask 5 experts a question, you’ll get 5 responses. Then you can write a large post. They will want to promote it and you’ll get a bigger audience.”

Check out Zac’s book – Blogging Tips: Confessions of a Six Figure Blogger


Make money onlineSyed Balkhi

“ look at advanced. Then check the questions button. This is a great way to generate ideas. You’ll see all the questions that people are asking on twitter. We also use a collaboration model which means if we make a guest post we will promote it and then they will write on our site and they will promote it. We also boost every post to on FB and in FB groups.”


Wrapping It Up

Tickets are now on sale for Affiliate Summit East in late July, which is held in New York City. There is early bird pricing. I would take advantage of it because you could save a few hundred dollars. You can get your #Affiliate Summit tickets here or just learn more about Affiliate Summit.

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I also had the opportunity to interview Tricia Meyer while I was at Affiliate Summit. We chatted about women in affiliate marketing and how women are breaking into the male dominated space, along with some legal tips for bloggers and information about the Performance Marketing Association.

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  1. That was a great session as always. I felt like it had matured from previous years.

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