Affiliate Summit Speaker John Rampton

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I love being around motivated people! I love their energy! I love their passion! I love their enthusiasm! Affiliate Summit Speaker John Rampton is all that and a bag of chips.

John was recently listed at #3 on the Top 50 Online Influencers in the World by Entrepreneur Magazine, as well as a blogging expert by Forbes. He is definitely someone to know in the internet marketing universe. But the best part about meeting John, is that he is genuine! That goes far in my book.

Six Figure Blogging Ask The Experts & Secrets Revealed
Six Figure Blogging Ask The Experts & Secrets Revealed

This is my fourth year attending Affiliate Summit. Every year I make sure to grab a seat for the session Six Figure Blogging Ask The Experts & Secrets Revealed.  John is part of that panel along with  Zac Johnson , Syed Balaki,and John Chow  – all super affiliates sharing tips during an hour-long session in front of a packed house.  I always leave with pages of notes. This time I left with a little more – renewed motivation.

When the session ended I asked John if he would mind sitting down and talking with me about the session and what keeps him motivated.

Affiliate Summit Speaker John Rampton
Affiliate Summit Speaker John Rampton

Q & A with Affiliate Summit Speaker John Rampton

1. What’s is Six Figure Blogging Ask The Experts & Secrets Revealed?

“The goal of this panel is to really teach people and motive them, in my mind, to become better, whether that be blogging, which we primarily talk about is six figure blogging, but it’s really to become better at whatever it is their doing and incorporate successful strategies into their life.”

2. It’s always a packed house, what are your thoughts on that?

“Everybody dreams of having a six figure blog or the six figure lifestyle where they’re making 100,00o plus or even more than that and they don’t have to work for somebody else. Everybody wants that lifestyle.”

3. You’ve been part of this panel for 6 years, has your presentation changed over the years?

“Every time we’ve done this presentation it’s been different. I mean 4 years ago I was just a blogger and I made six figures and I was doing great. I’ve evolved into companies and since then I’ve made it into seven figures, eight figures from blogging and companies.We’ve evolved from just being bloggers into much more than that.”

4. You made a comment during the panel “Don’t compare your chapter 1 to my chapter 16”. What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out?

“Stop comparing yourself to other people. It doesn’t matter what blog you have, it’s not going to be the same as mine or somebody else’s blog. My advice to people when starting out is to START! So many people think that they have know everything before they start. I just say START! You are going to figure out what works for you and how it works and it might not make a lot of money in the beginning. Specifically about blogging, nobody makes money in the beginning, so just start.”

5. What are realistic expectations for someone who’s been blogging for a few months and not seeing results?

“For myself, when I started blogging about 8 or 9 years ago, I blogged 3 blog posts a day around 500 to 1000 words for each blog post with pictures and everything. I did that for 9 months and I did not make one dollar! So if you are 3 months in and you are getting a little frustrated, I’m not saying to quit or not to quit. I’m just saying that was my experience. It was John Chow’s experience. It was Syed’s experience. We didn’t make money for a while. It took us a good year before we were really making anything. And I’m not saying you can’t make money in quick amounts of time, but most businesses don’t make a profit day one. Think of it like a business. You’re building your own business. And you need to invest in your business. The more time you invest, the more it should pay out to you.”

6. Let’s talk about motivation. What keeps you motivated?

“Money, totally money! I love money! I love everything that it can do.

More so than money, what motivates me are numbers and then helping people. I love helping people. Anytime I can help someone, whether it be in their personal life, in their business life, in their startup, with their relationship with their spouse. Anytime I can help them out, that’s my number one.

After that I love seeing numbers. My company doesn’t make money, right now is losing a lot of money. I see our numbers going up and up and up and it thrills me and I love it! And then I love making money.”

7. What do you enjoy most about attending Affiliate Summit?

” Friends, meeting friends. There are lots of really good friends and relationships. And that’s why I come every year.”

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