SEO Experts share tips at ASW16

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If you have a website you need to ask yourself three questions: Is your website useful? Is your website authoritative? Is your website remarkable? If your answer is NO, you are probably your own worst enemy when it comes to SEO.

SEO Ask Me Anything at Affiliate Summit
SEO Experts share tips at ASW16

SEO Ask Me Anything session at Affiliate Summit led by Bruce Clay, Duane Forrester and Stephan Spencer is just that, an opportunity to ask the best in the business anything and everything about SEO.

Here are Some Take Aways

Search engines are trying to get the best results in front of  humans. You may find yourself ranking high if your keywords are useful.

“Usefulness, is probably the single biggest thing to impact search today”

Duane Forrester

“A website is something you do, not something you view”

Stephan Spencer

Websites today need to be more engaging. Engaging metrics are increasingly more important, which means websites must be remarkable. That doesn’t mean fancy. It means they need to be worth remarking about.  Websites can’t be as simplistic anymore. You need to build something that is worth revisiting over and over again.

“There are now penalties where there used to be rewards.”

Bruce Clay

Your website and your posts need to be connected. If you have one page and only one page on a specific topic, you are not expert according to google. The minute you publish,  the real work begins. You need to go social and connect to related posts or related articles.

“Mobile is the bullseye!”

Duane Forrester

It’s ok to think about the easy win, but you should always be looking ahead. More and more people are using their mobile devices. Thinking of algorithm is not the best use of time. You need to think more about the end-user and increasingly it’s mobile.

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