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“Don’t compare your chapter 1 to my chapter 16,” said John Rampton.

Rampton is part of a 4 person panel of “Affiliate Gurus” who are sharing their secrets to success at Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas.

Six Figure Blogging Session at Affiliate Summit
Six Figure Blogging Session at Affiliate Summit

Six Figure Blogging Session at Affiliate Summit

The Panel is made up of  Zac Johnson , Syed Balkhi, John Chow  and John Rampton. The foursome are familiar faces at Affiliate Summit. Their topic, Six Figure Blogging is always a hit and this year is no different.

“Everybody dreams of having a six figure blog or the six figure lifestyle where they’re making 100,00o plus or even more than that and they don’t have to work for somebody else. Everybody wants that lifestyle”

John Rampton

The session is an hour long and the group covers everything from email lists, to videos, to SEO, and even the importance of building relationships. But the real takeaway is motivation.

The goal of this panel is to really teach people and motive them, in my mind, to become better, whether that be blogging, which we primarily talk about is six figure blogging, but it’s really to become better at whatever it is their doing and incorporate successful strategies into their life”

John Rampton.

If you are planning to attend Affiliate Summit West or Affiliate Summit East in the future, this session is a must attend. You will walk away with more information and more tools to help keep you on track and if nothing else, a little motivation to keep plugging away.

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  1. Glad to see you covering the event. I fou d the session really informative and inspirational. 6 figure blogging, let’s do it!

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