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Have you ever accepted a dare or a challenge? Does the water bucket challenge, push-ups for a cause, biggest loser weight loss contest sound familiar?

Short term challenges are much easier for me to accomplish. It’s the long term ones that are the real challenge. After the initial excitement, I find it difficult to stay motivated. I’m sure I’m not alone.

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This week my friend Oscar from Not-A-Grouch called me out. He organized a 90 day video challenge and “encouraged” me to participate. The goal of this 90 day video challenge is to refine our storytelling ability, practice pitching or marketing a product and improve our public speaking. It’s all using Youtube, which is free.

90 Day Video Challenge
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So, I accepted Oscar’s challenge and created a YouTube channel. I’ve been wanting to explore vlogging, which is essentially a video blog, because I think it will add some depth to my blog. But, I’ve been putting it off.

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The rules are simple. Publish a new video every day. Sometimes I’ll be on camera and it will be just me “a talking head.” Other times, I may be interviewing someone I find interesting or who has something to share that I think others will benefit from, or I may provide a tour of some sort. Everyday will be something different. And with each video I hope to get more and more out of my comfort zone, which has always been behind the camera.

I’m also experimenting with a few video and editing apps. The first one is FilMic Pro, which works on your smartphone. It’s available on iOS and Android. The other is Adobe Premier Pro editing. Some people use Final Cut Pro, but Adobe seems to be where more and more people in the industry are going, at least that’s my experience.

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