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I never learned shorthand because, and this is going to sound bad, I didn’t want to be a secretary or as it’s known today an administrative assistant. I’m not bashing anyone, I’m just saying when I was in high school in the 1980’s, being a secretary was an option if you weren’t going to college. I know times have changed dramatically, but shorthand hasn’t, it’s just evolved when it comes to texting, email and social media. And, I’m out of touch. Sure I know what the texting acronyms LOL, OMG and WTF  mean, but that’s probably the extent of it. And, that is a dangerous thing!

texting acronyms for parents

Do you know what the texting acronyms NIFOC, 420 and IWSN stand for? If you have teenagers or tweens in the house you should know what those letters and numbers mean. They are declarative statements for “Nude in Front of the Camera, “Marijuana” and “I Want Sex Now!”

texting acronyms for parents

Teenagers might as well be speaking a foreign language, but I guess that’s the idea, right?  According to a recent CNN article, teenagers believe that their parents might be keeping tabs on their online and social media lives. Well Duh! So now, they are now using texting acronyms to hide their conversations from their parents. Growing up we had Pig Latin, which according to Wikipedia is a language game in which words are altered according to a simple set of rules. “The objective is to conceal the meaning of the words from others not familiar with the rules.”  utBay Iyay uessgay ityay isyay otnay uiteqay ethay amesay or in English, “but I guess it is not quite the same.”

Texting Acronyms for Parents

Not all texting acronyms are a cause for concern, but there are definitely some red flags , which if you happen to spot, should justify a nice long conversation which your child. CNN has compiled a list of 28 slang text words you might want to keep handy.

  1.  IWSN – I Want Sex Now
  2. GNOC – Get Naked On Cam
  3. NIFOC – Nude In Front Of The Computer
  4. PIR – Parent In Room
  5. CU46 – See You For Sex
  6. 53X – Sex
  7. 9 – Parent Watching
  8. 99 – Parent Gone
  9. 1174 – Party Meeting Place
  10. THOT – That Hoe Over There
  11. CID – Acid
  12. BROKEN – Hungover From Alcohol
  13. 420 – Marijuana
  14. POS – Parent Over Shoulder
  15. SUGERPIC – Suggestive or Erotic Pic
  16. KOTL – Kiss On The Lips
  17. (L)MIRL – Let’s Meet In Real Life
  18. PRON – Porn
  19. TDTM – Talk Dirty To Me
  20. 8 – Oral Sex
  21. CD9 – Parents Around Code 9
  22. IPN – I’m Posting Naked
  23. LH6 – Let’s Have Sex
  24. WTTP – Want To Trade Pictures?
  25. DOC – Drug Of Choice
  26. TWD – Texting While Driving
  27. GYPO – Get Your Pants Off
  28. KPC – Keeping Parents Clueless

Text Acronym Guides

If you are interested in leaning more texting acronyms check out , or Cool Mom Tech’s 99 texting acronyms and phrases every parent should know.


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