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It’s tough to make your kids eat vegetables, when you’re not particularly fond of them yourself. If it’s raw and it’s green, I generally don’t want it. Roasted sweet potatoes, on the other hand, I “yam” all in. Ok bad jokes aside, I love sweet potatoes. They are my go to vegetable and I know my kids will eat them.

February is National Sweet Potato month. Other than being the state vegetable of North Carolina, the Sweet Potato is full of vitamin A, which supports vision, the immune system and bone development. It’s also an excellent source of vitamin C, fiber and magnesium, which helps to maintain normal blood sugar levels. And for you dieters out there, sweet potatoes are only about 100 calories. It’s a win win.

Sweet Potato Recipes Your Kids Will Love

February 22 is National Cook a Sweet Potato Day, so go ahead and yam it up. Here are few of my favorite sweet potato recipes.

Roasted Sweet Potatoes by Chef Seamus Mullen

sweet potato recipes

I’ll start with this Roasted Sweet Potato recipe by chef Seamus Mullen. It’s available on Panna Cooking, which I recently discovered. Not only does Panna Cooking give me the recipe, but it also has detailed step by step videos on how to make each recipe.  Click here for a taste of Chef Mullen’s video for Roasted Sweet Potatos.

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Here are a few other sweet potato recipes I’m pretty sure my kids would enjoy.

Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes with Spiced walnuts – OneHundredDollarsaMonth.com

sweet potato recipe

Mashed Sweet Potatoes – Andiemitchell.com

sweet potato recipes

Cinnamon and Spice Sweet Potato Bread – Averiecooks.com

sweet potato recipes

Roasted Sweet Potato Fries by Chef Michael Anthony – Panna Cooking

sweet potato recipes

Sweet Potato Recipes

If you enjoy those recipes here are a few more from Panna.

Sweet Potato Cashew Stew

Sweet Potato and Blue Cheese Gratin

Sweet Potatoes Anna

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  1. These look yummy. Would you change the recipe depending on the type of sweet potato you use?

    1. Hi Ade’ I think you can use any type sweet potato. I’m sure you have some different varieties that we may not have.

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