Going to the Movies Alone

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I’m a badass solo moviegoer, are you? Say what! I’m not afraid of going to the movies alone and you shouldn’t be either. I can’t tell you how many times I hear, mostly women, say they want to see a movie but don’t want to go alone. Maybe they’re fearful or think it would be too humiliating if someone sees them sitting alone in the movie theater. I’m not really sure, but my response is stop giving a crap what other people think. It will only make you miserable and you’ll miss out on movies you want to see. Plus, as it turns out, going out alone isn’t just OK, it’s actually healthy

Going to the movies alone
Are you a Badass Solo Moviegoer?

Going to the Movies Alone

I started going to movies by myself almost 20 years ago when my significant other and I worked opposite shifts in the newsroom. I worked graveyard and he worked the swing shift. If I wanted to catch the latest flick, I had to go solo. I mean, when you’re 20-something without kids, not too many people are available to catch a 10am show.  The first time was awkward, but it was also very liberating. Now, more than 75% of the movies I see, that are not rated PG, animated or family friendly, I see alone and it doesn’t bother me one bit.  Here’s why.

Top 5 Reasons You Should be A Badass Solo Moviegoer

1. You’re a confident badass, and if you’re not there yet, fake it till you make!

I don’t just go to matinees by myself, I’ve gone alone to see movies on Friday and Saturday nights as well – on “date night” gasp no less. It’s not as common now that we have kids, but every once in a while when I need time to myself and want to checkout, I get a hall pass.

Just remember there are no rules for seeing a movie alone. Some people may say don’t go to early or arrive too late because it screams ALONE. I say screw that. Get there when you want to get there. See the previews or skip them. If you’re alone and get to the theater too early, go find another movie to watch for a few minutes or take your seat and people watch. That never gets old!

2. You can see any movie you want, when you want, there is no compromising!

It’s incredibly annoying when your spouse, friend or significant other makes ridiculous, smartass  comments throughout the movie because they’re not seeing their choice.

For example, I am Twilight fan – owning it and not ashamed. For my birthday a few years back I wanted to see Eclipse, the third movie in the Twilight saga. By now, we know that Jacob spends a lot of time with his shirt off. Whoot Whoot! So within the first five minutes of Eclipse Jacob has his shirt off – and my husband starts laughing. We’re not talking about a quiet laugh either. Loud. Sarcastic. Duck down in my chair kind of laughing. After that, I left him at home.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsQAo97BaBA[/embedyt]


3. You can sit where you want and rarely have trouble finding a seat!

Some people prefer siting in the middle of the auditorium at eye level of the screen. It’s not my cup of tea, in fact it’s make me claustrophobic. I prefer a little higher up and an end seat.  I can stretch out my legs in the aisle. I also don’t want to sit too close or too far away from the screen. As I get older, my eyesight is not what it was 20 years ago.

4. There is no dressing to impress.

Wear what you want! Ladies, if you want to wear your yoga pants or gym clothes.. more power to you. I don’t recommend it for the men though. Dressing up for the movies just to sit in the dark is a waste of time, and sitting in a theater in heels – hell no! When you go solo, you’re there for one thing only. You want to see the movie.

5. Order what you want at the snack bar.

You want extra butter on that large popcorn? Go ahead and get it. No one is going to judge you, because no one is going to know. You don’t have to share it with anyone! You won’t have to share your red vines or the large “frozen drink” either. That also means no fighting over the straw and whose straw is the bent one.

Take Control

So go and enjoy the movies. Don’t wait for a date. See what you want, when you want. Take control, be confident, and be a Badass Solo Moviegoer.

And with that… cue the credit roll please.


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  1. With kids now and hectic schedules, it’s tough to do this for me. But… I used to do this all the time. I don’t GAF about what anybody would think. Most of the time I enjoy watching a movie by myself instead of with someone else or even a crowd.

    I’m a bit of a movie junkie so I am picky about how I watch the movie. I want to find my perfect seat, I want to get there earlier to find that seat, I like to watch the previews and I like to stay until the last screen of the credits… most people think I’m crazy for all that stuff. So I’m glad to be a badass solo movie goer, I don’t need to explain, justify or accommodate to anyone else.

  2. Hello Michelle,

    Your reason No.1 has never bothered me, its reason No.2 that has enabled me to see movies on my own. As much as I love my dear wife our taste in the cinema is often very different, hence I am pleased to “go it alone”. As I have just reached 60 I really do not care what others may think – going solo works for me too.
    Kind regards

    1. Thanks Steve. I know couples who go to the movies together, but don’t see the same movie. They just meet in the lobby afterward. I say why even bother. Sometimes its just easier to go it alone.

  3. Love this post! Completely agree.

  4. I don’t go to the movies alone, but I know a lot of people that do. I see nothing wrong or unusual about doing so.

  5. Love ❤️ it!
    Great article honey, your thoughts
    are very liberating!

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